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"I met Frank in spring 2022. He was ´matchmaker´ between clients, who wanted a vacancy filled, and freelancers looking for an assignment. What struck me was Frank's ability to listen and understand exactly what his interlocutor was looking for. After the conversation, you could count on the assignments he presented to you being on your mind. It was guiding rather than engaging. This 'understanding' of the motivations of his discussion partner is a skill that Frank can undoubtedly use in various management and commercial positions. I can highly recommend him!"


Marc Van KerckhovenHR Integration Manager - Delhaize

"I got to know Frank when he worked at Hyboma as a Commercial & Marketing Director. We then developed several projects together. During the various projects I noticed how Frank always has an eye for people and stakeholder management, without losing sight of the ultimate project goal. In addition, he likes to think proactively and out-of-the-box about the strategy. For example, we have (among other things) turned an impactful rebranding project and renewed marketing positioning into a success story."


Hervé HeesterbeekFreelance Senior Advisor

"Working with Frank is a godsend, already several times we shared the same thoughts. He analyses the difficult points improved them into a very strong and well-developed concept. His creativity, persistence, knowledge and work ethic is something contagious... In short, thank you Frank!"


Jimte MylleBusiness Manager Hyboma 

"I worked with Frank at some of the largest printing exhibitions in the world and found him to be professional, creative and detail oriented. Frank is a very hard worker and would continually scan the stand landscape to be certain everything was running smoothly. Flexibility is a necessary component of anyone working in a stand and making last minute changes can be part of the situation. We found ourselves reassessing some decisions and readjusting them to fit the need of the attendees. Frank was able to do this with ease. He and his amazing team worked tirelessly to make the show a success."


Robin BellTrade Show Presenter at Trade Show Talk

“Frank is a focused and dedicated marketing executive. I was fortunate enough to have worked closely with Frank whilst at Punch Graphix. Frank was always innovative in his approach, professional in delivery and also a great character to know. I would recommend his professional abilities to anyone.”


Chris Matthews, Digital Printing Equipment Business Manager​


“Frank has an eye for detail, can motivate a team but above all has a very professional attitude. His management skills have always been an added value within our team. There is no lack of creative ideas and providing his team with new insights is a real talent. In short, a pleasure to work with and to be able to take a step forward professionally.”


John Verbruggen, Senior Business Manager​


"Frank has revitalized the marketing at Xeikon with dynamic ideas. It's been a pleasure to support him from a PR perspective and work so closely together. Frank is very creative and great to work with, he knows how to direct and implement a campaign successfully and how to engage other people. If we get another opportunity to work with him again we will not hesitate as it will surely be interesting, challenging and fun! I'm sure he will succeed in any other industry as he is very smart and fully committed!”


Anja D'Hondt, Managing Partner at duomedia

“Frank is one of those people that reaches set goals. Striving for the long term goal,with eye for detail on the route, he manages to motivate people to go that extra mile in a very cooperative way. I loved working with Frank simply because in everything he does he's not satisfied until it's above expectations.”


Jurgen Devlieghere, VP Software & Hardware development at Xeikon​


“I met Frank when he was Barco's Global Marketing Manager for Digital Cinema. He is a 100% professional person, with a clear long term vision and capable of handling complex projects. With his 'commercial' attitude, to me it is no surprise that he now moved to a Sales & marketing manager position.”


Kris Verbeeck, CEO @ TomaCom Marketing & Business Development



"I worked with Frank when he was at Belgacom where I was asked to deliver tailor made training. Frank was my contact person so we had a couple of meetings to customize and prepare the training. I was immediately impressed by Frank's drive and very collaborative attitude. He anticipated on all details and left nothing unprepared without imposing his way of thinking. It was a pleasure working with Frank."
Hilde JaspaertPartner at Inter-ActiveMinds - Master Buzan™ Trainer for Europe
"Good marketing is all about being in line with your clients needs and make sure that your services are solving their issues. Frank have an unusual and very positive approach to this task, making sure that the two worlds of sales and buying meet each other on same level. Its all about communication and I can strongly recommend Frank as part of your team to drive this to further growth !"
Leif Orkelbog-Andresen - Manager, Business Development, Install at Martin Professional


"Frank is a very dynamic and creative person who identifies very quickly the requirements of internal and external customers. Besides his analytical and creative skills Frank has a tremendous communication ability and a special talent to listen!! Frank is the person you want to work with!! He will bring you a targetted solution within your framework of possibilities reaching exactly what you required!! Above all working with Frank is a real pleasure!!"
Fanny Verschraege - PRG Commercial Director
"Frank is a professional with deep knowledge of his section and a hardworker with a lot of nice and constructive ideas." 
Christos Anastasiou - Managing Director at Xeikon SE Europe


"Frank has a great talent for creative marketing and understanding of marketing communications. He combines this with great professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with him"
Duncan Sargeant - Sales Manager - Labels & Packaging at Xeikon
"Frank is a very professional man who combines a thorough knowledgde of the market with a creative mind. He always strives for the best of his company in a dynamic and straightforward way. Frank is a great motivator for his colleagues as well. It was a pleasure to work with him and I wish him loads of success with his future challenges."
Chantal Scheurwegen - Personal Assistant
"It was a pleasure to work with Frank. He is extremely energetic, has great ideas and an enormous persistance to get the most complex projects finalized. His ability to react quickly to market developments and challenges really made a difference and brought immediate tangible results for Punch Graphix. We enjoyed very much our partnership with Frank, he was very appreciative of our PR Support Program and also made sure to share this with us and others. I wish him lots of success in his new endeavours and hope our paths will cross again soon."
Lutt Willems - Partner at Duomedia



"Assertive and initiative are two words that immediately spring to mind when I think of Frank. He was also someone that will get things done and a real binding force in the team. I would strongly recommend him"
Andrew HealeySenior Product & Marketing Manager at Spark New Zealand


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"I have enjoyed working immensly with Frank, both on a business and personal level. He has always been very personable and professional. i will keep in contact with him at his new company."


John Davy - Show Director at Tarsus PLC


"Frank was a well appreciated manager with a large experience. He was able to lead a team and took care of his own files at the same time. To grow, Frank decided to leave the company as he has reached a certain level. Frank was very good at leading people and assumed a lot of responsibilities. He was stress-resistant too. He also had good communication skills and good relations with his colleagues and was pleasant to work with. Reliable too"


Pascale Audin - Events Manager at Belgacom

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